Benjamin Lotter

Sales, Leadership, Relationships: What do you want to transform? Benjamin impacts & transforms people...FAST! The results he gets are amazing and permanent.

Benjamin Lotter

International Keynote Speaker, Author and Super Trainer on Creating Fast, Permanent, Transformation & Strong Leadership

An expert in FAST and PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION, Benjamin works with some of the largest companies in the world…like General Motors.

He is one of the most inspiring, motivating keynote speakers available anywhere on the planet. He touches hearts and transforms everyone in the audience!

Benjamin speaks with such power and authority that you can't help but be mentally, emotionally and spiritually transformed at the end of his presentation! I highly recommend his True Transformation program!
~Christine Conklin, American Specialty Health

Testimonials from people and organizations from around the globe validate the amazing transformational impact Ben has on both men and women! Attendees will be able to improve their performance at work, in their homes and their personal lives.

His life changing keynotes, seminars and workshops are full of amazing insights that impact audiences, company sales and overall productivity of employees in all arenas from sales to management.

His wealth of knowledge, strategies, tools and inspiring stories will ensure that change and growth happens in your people and your organization.

He is a very influential speaker who can show your organization how to take massive action towards their goals…and he can help them achieve them.

Benjamin impacts & TRANSFORMS people. The results he gets in their lives are impactful, fast and permanent.

Benjamin is amazing! He capable of getting people to quickly make the transformation necessary to create the success, the joy and the happiness they want! He is very inspiring!
~Jack M. Zufelt “Mentor to Millions”, Author of #1 best-selling book The DNA of Success

Benjamin Lotter can make your next event so powerful, fun and life changing that it will be talked about for years!

Your Audience Will Learn These Things . . .

  • How To Create Positive Change In Their Lives

  • How to be Confident and Resilient

  • Become Fluent in Transformational Thinking

  • Utilize Failure as the Stepping Stones to Success

  • How to Replace Wrong Thinking

  • Powerful Problem Solving Skills

  • How To Leverage their Fears for Positive Action

  • Critical Thinking and Analysis

  • Clarify Their Life’s Purpose

  • Create Lasting Results

  • Realize Their Self-worth

Benjamin will entertain, impress and transform everyone in the audience! His message fits all audiences from Fortune 500 Companies to the smallest association.

I'd highly recommend Benjamin as a personal coach or a speaker for your team or large group.
~Noah Young, Account Director at Jackson Dawson